Why Should You Photograph Your Family?

Why should we take pictures of our family? Capturing memories of your family is the most important thing for me as a photographer. One thing in my life that I truly cherish are photographs of my childhood.Those sweet memories captured my life in ways my mind has a hard time remembering. Pictures preserve moments and memories not only for our own personal lives but for others as well. For example, my grandparents died when I was at a young age and some I never had the opportunity to meet. But thankfully my family has photographs of them. Through those photos there is an intimate and personal connection as if I've always known them. As a painting is worth a thousand words, for me a photograph is worth a thousand memories. The photo I chose to include in this post is a recent photograph of my parents...a candid memory of happiness & laughter I will not forget. I know what the photograph means to me, but I don't know what it will mean to generations to come.