Remember to Explore...

Today was one of those days where I just needed to get out and explore. It didn't matter where I was going...I just drove. Heading down south I followed the desert sun. Windows were down and the wind was in my hair. I put my hand out the window to the beat of the music. For me, I get a feeling of infinite possibilities when that perfect song for that perfect drive comes on. I came to my destination. The Little Sahara Desert has a feeling of holiness and silence that makes you feel alive. I looked around, closed my eyes, and listened as the desert wind as it whispered into my ears to embrace change. Barefoot, I explored and captured the vast beauty of the sand dunes. The warm sand sunk in between my toes-it felt like I was on the beach. A mirage receded the longer I walked in the ripples of the sand. This was my happy place.

Class of 2015

Graduation is right around the corner! Well for some people, not me! For now, I love photographing other graduates! This is Jorden and he is graduating from high school in a few weeks and let me tell you, he is such a character! Every second I could not take serious because of all the laughter. This was such an unforgettable photo shoot! Graduation is a huge milestone in life and I'm so thankful when I get the opportunity to photograph that great accomplishment. So, to all the graduates of 2015...this is only the beginning of anything you want! Go out and chase your dreams because you have so much potential! Congratulations! 

Tune Your Photography Mind...

If you only shoot digital take some time to shoot a few rolls of film! Film photography can benefit your photography in so many ways and can be an educational experience. Digital gives an unlimited amount of memory but when using film you are restricted on how many frames you can shoot. This helps you think twice about taking the photograph and the technical aspect of capturing. A huge factor in becoming a more confident photographer is getting out of your comfort zone of automatic and just using manual. Aperture, shutter speed & ISO can get confusing all at once. By constantly thinking in manual mode the settings soon become engrained in your mind. "If you use film you can't see you need to feel it." Herve Lewis

Walking Into Spring...

Do you have Spring fever? I know I do. There is only so much you can photograph in the winter but when Spring comes around there are endless possibilities! I love the feeling of being bundled up in bed on a spring morning with the crisp cool air seeping in through a cracked window. I lay in cozy comfort and listen to birds sweet springtime serenade. When you walk outside you feel the warmth of the Spring sun beating on you while a gentle crisp breeze blows allowing you to breath in fresh air. Spring time is my favorite time of year to photograph. A smile can seem to shine a little brighter and everything feels free and relaxed. 

17 Mile Drive...

The 17 Mile Drive is one of my favorite scenic roads located on the coastline of Monterey Peninsula in Carmel, California. Acres of Cypress trees surround you. I want to go back to feeling the cool mist on your face and letting the wind bear you up as the sun sets below the ocean. There's something about a 17 mile drive that frees your mind and puts your soul at peace. 

Shared Passions

Throughout my college experience so far, I have met a variety of people. This group of girls have helped inspire me in many of my photography classes. We are constantly collaborating and motivating one another through our critiques and diverse photographic visions. There is something special about sharing our passion for photography through a college experience. I see beautiful potential in all of these girls. Not only are they my classmates but they hold a special place in my life. 

Remembering Mexico

Today I am remembering my travels to Mexico. I had the opportunity to visit locals in Old Kino a few years back, where a lot of families live in poverty. Capturing the most humble people in their poor but yet happy circumstances inspired me. I'll never forget the look on the children's faces when we drove around giving families rice, beans and candy bags. My heart was full that day and I wish I could give them everything in the world right then. They taught me a valuable lesson to be grateful for the little things in life. I would take any opportunity to go back and visit. 

Shooting Personal Work...

As a photographer there is work you create for your clients and  there is work that you create for yourself. Every photographer should take time for personal work. The times when I am out photographing whatever I want, are the times I am inspired the most. Personal time revives my creativity. Anything that inspires and motivates your creative drive...take that, go out and capture a memory before the idea fades away. It doesn't matter what you photograph as long as it feels right. An idea that is put into action is more meaningful than an idea that only exists as an idea. So, go out and schedule time during the week to create or photograph something you love. The weather was perfect this past Sunday. I got in my car with a friend and just drove. We randomly pulled off the side of the road and the view was incredible. Take a look below and see for yourself! You never now what you'll find if you just go out and photograph! 

Why Should You Photograph Your Family?

Why should we take pictures of our family? Capturing memories of your family is the most important thing for me as a photographer. One thing in my life that I truly cherish are photographs of my childhood.Those sweet memories captured my life in ways my mind has a hard time remembering. Pictures preserve moments and memories not only for our own personal lives but for others as well. For example, my grandparents died when I was at a young age and some I never had the opportunity to meet. But thankfully my family has photographs of them. Through those photos there is an intimate and personal connection as if I've always known them. As a painting is worth a thousand words, for me a photograph is worth a thousand memories. The photo I chose to include in this post is a recent photograph of my parents...a candid memory of happiness & laughter I will not forget. I know what the photograph means to me, but I don't know what it will mean to generations to come.