Hello! My name is Jane. 

Stories have a particular way of allowing us to see the world from a perspective different than our own.  Since I was young I have been enamored with all kinds of stories.  Everything from love stories to tragedies has been a major influence in my life and how I capture the world.  I believe that inside of all of us there is a story waiting to be heard, my lifework is to capture that story.  For me, photographing somebody is more than taking pictures.  It is getting to know that person, learning their backstory and studying what made them into the person that they are. I want to capture an authentic moment with each individual. It allows me to capture the heart of life, vulnerable moments, candid expressions, joy, pain, beauty and in my opinion the most important and deep meaning of love.

I want to see the world. 

Show me your world. 

Your life. Your story. 

I want to capture it.





Currently based in Utah County